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XTZ Delegate is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Value which provides a Tezos blockchain validating service. Our customers receive risk free income from their cryptocurrency holdings. If your interested in knowing more, drop us an emails and lets chat.


VeChain X Node Pool

As an early stage investor in the VeChain blockchain, Digital Value has secured exclusive and perpetual rights to operate a Vechain blockchain X node which generates cryptocurrency income. Our customers loan their cryptocurrency holdings to Digital Value and receive a regular cryptocurrency income that exceeds what they could achieve on their own. Early pool members will receive bonus returns. Hit us up via email if your interested in joining.



Judgeit allows SMEs to easily unlock cash from aged receivables through a small claims court using a cutting edge platform and automation. Digital Value is enabling Judgeit to orchestrate, record and provide a global market place for bad debt on the Tezos blockchain.


Hidden Street Capital

Hidden Street Capital is a licenced Hong Kong based digital asset and advisory firm. Digital Value provides them with secure cyrptocurrency custodian, digital asset servicing, and secure trading systems.

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