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Blockchain Consultancy

Explore blockchains' potential in your business.

Through our worldwide entrepreneur networks, Digital Value are at the forefront of the world's blockchain innovations and can facilitate a study that identifies the risks and opportunities that blockchain represents to your business, and recommend appropriate responses. These studies consist of a series of educational sessions, workshops and interviews with your key business stakeholders and the results are summarized in a report that will help you strategically respond to this new technology. 

Determine the feasibility of a blockchain project.

Digital Value can help you assess the feasibility of a blockchain project.  Using our specialist project managers and architects, we will help you clearly articulate the problem statement you are solving, identify the detailed requirements, determine the high level design, the projects resourcing needs, scope, dependencies, schedule, risks and cost estimates. Our team have previously conducted these for major Australian government departments and we will enable you to determine the feasibility of blockchain projects with confidence and allow you to advise your suppliers of your requirements and perform  fair value for money assessments against their proposals. 

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